Remembering the British victims of the Tunisian beach terror attack

As survivors of the Tunisian terrorist attack my wife and I feel able to offer help to individuals who may have suffered similar atrocities.  My wife and I were both shot by the gunman whilst running for our lives on that fateful day in June 2015.

My wife sadly was left with life changing injuries so we can empathise with people suffering in a similar way.  Although at times it felt like life could never get back to any kind of normality again we have learnt that life must go on and we have come to terms with that and despite the many hurdles we have had to get over, we feel progress is made every day.  We appreciate that we still have some way to go but we gain strength by being positive and determined to come through what at times has felt like a nightmare.

We would say to fellow survivors please don’t feel that you have to struggle with the trauma of what you have gone through on your own, we are here to help if we can.  The OVOT website has come together because we realise that there is a need to offer that additional support and advice to those suffering in a similar way.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel”


  1. A very moving and emotional Memorial Service and one in which I felt privileged to be part of. Westminster Abbey was the perfect venue to hold such a Service and the high level of dignitaries attending including Royalty was a fitting tribute to all those innocent people who lost their lives.

  2. Having only just found out about this organisation from Sharon Hill who was on the beach in Tunisia along with me and my wife as well . We were all together in a party of eight of which I am afraid only six returned to the UK .When we get back Thursday I intend to order to hands emblems . We were at the Westminster for the service which bought some closure to the situation .

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    Remembering the British victims of the Tunisian beach terror attack As survivors of...